About Us

About Us

The ABA’s Capital Clemency Resource Initiative is the first project exclusively dedicated to providing actors in the clemency process—attorneys and governmental decision makers alike —the resources and training necessary to ensure a meaningful process and reasoned decision in a capital-clemency case.


The mission of the ABA Capital Clemency Resource Initiative is to address the troubling lack of resources and expertise available to practitioners and decision makers in the capital clemency process and—for the first time—to provide targeted, comprehensive, and current materials to guide stakeholders through this crucial last phase of the death penalty process.


The ABA Capital Clemency Resource Initiative (CCRI) was made possible through a generous grant from the ABA Enterprise Fund, which seeks to foster innovative and collaborative work amid ABA entities. The CCRI was originally formed as a joint project of the ABA’s Death Penalty Due Process Review Project, the Death Penalty Representation Project, and the Commission on Disability Rights. The CCRI is now housed within the Death Penalty Representation Project.

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The ABA and the CCRI are not affiliated with any governmental agency and we DO NOT participate in making any clemency decisions. Please do not send us petitions for clemency. We will be unable to help you.

We also do not represent individuals in their clemency proceedings and cannot provide legal advice.

If you have questions about the work of the ABA’s Capital Clemency Resource Initiative or for other inquiries regarding our resources or website, please email .