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Executive Order Granting Clemency to Julius Jones

Gregory Wilson - Commutation Decision

Leif Halvorsen - Gubernatorial Commutation

"Bishops express gratitude for clemency for Thomas Whitaker"

"Governor Abbott Commutes Death Sentence of Thomas Bartlett Whitaker"

Proclamation of the Governor of the State of Texas

Nathan J. Dunlap_Executive Order of the Governor of Colorado Granting Reprieve of Death Sentence

Executive Order Recreating the Colorado Governor's Executive Clemency Advisory Board

Robert Gattis_Board of Pardons Recommendation to Governor Markell Regarding Clemency

Mark A. Brown_Jan. 13, 2010 Ohio Board Recommendation to Deny Clemency

Marvallous Keene_June 25, 2009 Ohio Board Recommendation to Deny Clemency

Darnell Williams_Indiana Governor's Statement Granting Clemency

Gregory Resnover_Indiana Governor's Statement Denying Clemency

Joseph Trueblood_Indiana Governor's Statement Denying Clemency

Kevin Keith_Ohio Governor's Statement Granting Clemency

Shawn L. Hawkins_May 12, 2011 Ohio Board Recommendation to Grant Clemency