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ABA Presidential Clemency Letter for Rodney Reed

Texas Capital Clemency Memo

"Bishops express gratitude for clemency for Thomas Whitaker"

"Governor Abbott Commutes Death Sentence of Thomas Bartlett Whitaker"

Proclamation of the Governor of the State of Texas

Thomas Whitaker Clemency Application

The Role of Mercy: Safeguarding Justice in Texas Through Clemency Reform

The State of the Modern Death Penalty in America

The Texas Capital Punishment Assessment Report

Guidelines and Standards for Texas Capital Counsel

Clemency and Consequences: State Governors and the Impact of Granting Clemency to Death-Row Inmates

Coleman, Clydell Clemency Petition

Rector, Charles H. Clemency Petition

Stoker, David Wayne Clemency Petition

Wesley, Anthony Ray Clemency Petition

West, Robert Wallace Clemency Petition

Mann, Fletcher Thomas Clemency Petition

Herrera, Leonel Torres Clemency Petition

Black, Robert V., Jr. Clemency Petition

Beets, Betty Lou Clemency Petition