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Postconviction Access to DNA Testing and Clemency as a "Fail-Safe": The Implications of Judicial Fidelity to the Legal Process Vision

Judging Remorse

The Role of Mercy: Safeguarding Justice in Texas Through Clemency Reform

Why the Time to Start Thinking about Capital Clemency is Now

The Controversy of Clemency and Innocence in America

The Geography of Mercy

Gubernatorial Clemency Powers: Justice or Mercy?

Clemency and Consequences: State Governors and the Impact of Granting Clemency to Death-Row Inmates

Garza, Juan Paul Clemency Petition

Compendium of Standards for Indigent Defense: A Resource Guide for Practitioners and Policy Makers

Executive Clemency in Post-Furman Capital Cases

Guide to Executive Clemency Among the American States

Chandler, David R. Clemency Petition